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Certified Behavioural


“Becoming a Certified Behavioural Coach is definitely one of the best things I did for my life and career. It was new; it challenged me and introduced possibilities for my work as a communications strategist focused on people development.

I unreservedly recommend anyone who is even thinking about doing this course: Just do it!

Being a Certified Behavioural Coach is beyond personal development it is finding a path to the best you.”



Kalando Wilmoth

Chief Strategist

Certified Behaviour Coach

This certification applies to the mastery of strategies that help individuals to guide others into identifying where they are, where they want to be and the best strategies for getting there.

It relates to the application of tested methods for coaching behaviour modification. The Certified Behavioural Coach award is designed to support mentoring, enhance productivity and produce a positive environment in groups and organizations.

The crisis related to Employee Engagement is a major challenge internationally. Coaching at the functional levels is now an imperative for organizations who want to remain competitive. This is NOT an issue that can be simply left for HR to sort out.

Target groups include the Executive Corps, HR Professionals, Team Leaders, Middle Managers, Supervisory Personnel, Counsellors and Mentors.


The Programme

The Design

The certification incorporates a blended learning course of study:

  •  Webinars (24 direct contact hours)
  • Downloadable course materials
  • Assignments and guided self-directed study
  • Completion & interpretation of behavioural diagnostics
    Formal Assessment
  • Success with People 10-module learning experience

Awarding Entities:

Extended DISC


Success with People


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Formal, internationally accepted

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The certification programme will be completed over an elapsed period of 30 days.


The Award

This is how you get there


“Certified Behavioural Coach” awards will be based on participation in the webinars, completion of assignments and satisfactory performance on the formal assessment.



The Modules

Ten High Impact Core Competencies

1.  Apply a structured framework for achieving success with & through people

2.  Use a behavioural framework to identify behavioural styles in daily interaction

3.  Develop sustainable relationships with persons with diverse behavioural preferences

4.  Settle disputes using style-directed approaches

5.  Master the application and interpretation of Extended DISC/FinxS Solutions

Create Ideal Job Templates for Comparison with Incumbents and Applicants

(Ideal Behaviour identified here by the red boxes)


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6.  Give and receive feedback without pushback

7.  Give instructions that get it done the first time

8.  Develop high performance teams and support team cohesiveness


Here is an example of the power of mapping teams on the Extended DISC Diamond


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9.  Provide supervision and leadership to different styles and varied situations

10. Respond appropriately to different styles of leadership and supervision


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  • 8 x 3-hour Webinars
  • Webinars are conducted off-peak to avoid work interruption
  • Access to Success with People online learning experience
  • Pre-webinar assignment
  • Application of Extended DISC/FinxS solutions in your environment
  • Ongoing E-mail consultation with facilitators
  • Completion of formal assessment in controlled environment
  • Formal award of “Certified Behavioral Coach” designation
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Materials include:


  • Certification Manuals
  • 3 e-Workbooks on Conflict Management, High Performance Teams, Leadership
  • Course materials including PowerPoint presentations
  • Consultation
  • 10 revolutionary Success with People Academy DNA Reports on the Extended
  • DISC/FinxS platformS
  • 5 FinxS Competency-based Ideal Job Templates
  • Formal Assessment and Award of “Certified Behavioural Coach” designation




Email : info@infoservonline.com